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May 30, 2007
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Rain by AliTheBandit Rain by AliTheBandit
harr harr! second place for "crimson"! this is my new numba one!!

yes, it was time for "Talisman"-art again! FULLVIEHW!!!

for this one i needed one whole day (about 10 hours) only to come up with the composition... heck, i'm so slohw :slow: !! originally i planned to draw it with watercolors, but after the inking i wasn't too fond of it and decided to scan it...
so i worked at it in a frenzy for the next three days. i think it took me about 30-40 hours. i can't feel my hand anymore... but it was worth sacrifising one or two hands for it. best seen in fullview.

i hope you like this babey :D !
and did i mention to fullview plz :aww: ...?
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Daily Deviation

Given 2007-06-13
Rain by ~AliTheBandit holds an amazing amount of detail, emotion and skill ( Suggested by Abstersion and Featured by Marker-Guru )
anjaleck Jan 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
You're wonderful work of art is being featured in my journal [link] this week.
kGoggles Mar 19, 2008  Professional General Artist
That is beautiful...I really like how the spears go into the wood like that..and the perspective looks great too...though the character must have a very small tuckus to be able to sit like that...with her foot there too..gosh it all looks awesome..if I could favorite this twice I would... :clap: Love your water color works too.
What a gorgeous piece!

I love how you were able to achieve the physicality of matter to such a high degree, yet still stylize it to your own liking. It's amazing how "woody" that wood is, for instance, haha! XD

The amount of time and effort definitely shows through with all the detail you've put in. Yes, it would totally be worth the pain and suffering to accomplish something such as this!

Amazing work! ^__^
This is really cool.
even if you are a jerk and wont join my minions=(
thanks :D ! unfortunately i have more than enough slimy, little minions to feed myself already :XD: !
10 hours for this seems perfectly normal. It'd be considered fast for me.

I really like how you colored it, everything just seems to fit the theme.
eh... it was 10 hours for sketching plus 30something hours for painting XD .
thanks for the comment :D !
Ha ha don't worry, it definitely paid off & shows you put a lot of effort into it. 'w'
heeeeman Oct 8, 2007  Professional Photographer
Really quite impressive! I`m loving how you`ve rendered the wood, and your style has made this a very interesting piece!
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